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What We Do

What We Do

Real Woman International

At the Real Woman International, we offer women:

LOVE: Each and every woman deserves love. Sharing our love, as a community of women, incorporates every woman regardless of race, background or situation.
FRIENDSHIP: There is a common language as women that we share, therefore, it is only natural to offer women who seek an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on and most times, cry on. Friendship lightens the burden of the heart.
MENTORING: Every successful person has had one or more mentors to guide them through their chosen path. We have certified, accomplished, seasoned and tested mentors who are always ready, willing and available to mentor those who seek their support.
SUPPORT: We understand that support is not always about finances even though it plays a huge part to help them. Most times these women often need someone to listen; pray with them as they may be alone; offer support services or provide resources according to their needs, etc.
HEALING: Through prayer, healing comes to a heart by the power of God’s miracle and grace. Intercession with counseling, prayer and support to reinforce their place in this life as a Daughter of God.

We believe that everyone deserves a self chosen, purpose-driven life. With our support, both physically and spiritually, women of all ages increase their confidence and self-esteem.
With hope and faith, women can orient their lives to reach their full potentials.