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How We Reach

How We Reach

Real Woman International hosts a variety of workshops, seminars, counseling, skill acquisition classes, group meetings, aimed at helping women and young girls move beyond their challenges, care for their children and reclaim their lives.

In our seminars we teach and preach the word of God. In the workshops, we counsel the women and encourage them to achieve a career and seek happiness and faith.

We have annually seminars in Atlanta. We aim to have them more frequently. In the seminars, the founder of the organization, Adenike Adeyemi, and other women teach the participants ways to improve their lives. The seminars are interactive; everyone can share their experiences. In addition, there are Q & A sessions, and we pray together.

These events occur twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, on Twitter. The founder of RWI shares her wisdom and feelings at ‪#‎FrmMyHeart. These events are twitted from the founder’s handle @NikeAdeyemi.

The various subjects are all related to women: ranging from family, relationships, finance, career, self-discovery, spiritual awareness, and so forth.

We distribute God’s word and hopeful messages, as well as proffer solutions to women and children in need. We do so by means of electronic and mass media, such as television, radio, satellite and internet, in addition to various publications.

This is a new initiative. We intend congregate the women in small groups that work together to be on guard for each other, to share their experiences and feelings, and to pray for one another.