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What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Love. Each and every woman deserves love. Sharing our love, as a community of women, incorporates every woman regardless of race, background or situation.







Integrity. With self-awareness, we encourage moral and ethical convictions to choose a path based on love of self, love of fellow man and love of God.



Courage. Every woman today must have courage, facing fear. We must seek equity of rights for all women. It is in our power to speak for those with no voice. We lead those who need to take the first steps in being courageous.





Compassion. We are compassionate in this world that needs so very much of it. We work to have compassion become a part of each woman we touch and from them, continues to spread like wildfire.





Sisterhood. We support one another to communicate that we are never alone. Whether it be through conversation, prayer support, or our media sites, we are always there to empower.





Spirituality. We believe in God with whom all things are made possible. Healing comes to a heart that receives the power of His miracle and grace. With prayers and counseling, we encourage women to find their whole selves within the grace and goodness of Him.