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Founders Greeting

Founders Greeting

Together we can make a difference.

Welcome to Real Woman International. Thank you for your interest in knowing more about who we are and what we do.

We believe that getting to understand our vision and operations will demonstrate our mission and contribution to the communities in Atlanta Georgia and around the world.

With Love and wisdom of God, we serve humanity by bringing healing and empowerment to women and young girls who need love, support, hope and assistance. We do our best to support them emotionally, spiritually, materially and financially. It is our strong belief that the key to healing is restoring their faith in themselves, in humanity and in God’s blessings.

Real Woman International strives to elevate their spirits, make them hopeful and encourage them to maximize their potentials. We use all the tools and personnel available to us to train, teach, counsel, support and mentor these women and young girls to establish a career, thus helping them develop a healthy personality and rebuild their families.

In addition, we help and support children who are in need of love, mentoring, care, advice, food and most times health care. With guidance and care, these children grow up to become responsible citizens of the country and this will help reduce crime rate and number of uneducated children. We believe that families can flourish by working together for a greater cause. Good families make a better nation.

We carry out Real Woman International’s vision with the support and collaboration of a team of passionate people, including workers and volunteers who really care for people. We accomplish great results and help women become the great people they were designed to be. I humbly invite you to be a part of this vision as we really cannot do this alone. Whatever God lays in your heart to use as a tool to support this vision will be highly appreciated. It could be your talent, your expertise, time, toiletries, finances, gift cards etc.

We are so grateful for your time here on this site.

God bless and reward you for your patience and may he bless the work of your hands in Jesus name.